Hiszpania / Spain,  Nauczyciele

Last day of job shadowing, Friday, June 9th

Mercedes told us about reading days at school and presented us with the reading projects. A month ago, No Bell opened a publishing house so I was very interested in it. I had the opportunity to review several interesting Spanish children’s books that perfectly fit our profile. If they are not available in the Polish market, maybe we should consider publishing them.

On Friday we said goodbye to Alcatarilla and Murcia and left for Cartagena – port city and naval base in Murcia region. We left our backpacks in the lockers at the bus station and took a bus to La Manga. Thanks to the sea breeze it was easier to endure the hot sunny weather. After the sea and sun bath we moved to cozy Cabo de Palos and had a speciality of the region – very sweet and very tasty café asiático.

There are timetables at the bus stops, but buses do not follow them too strictly so you have to take your time and use it for… chatting with your fellow travelers.

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