Hiszpania / Spain

First day at school, Monday, June 5th

Monday was our first day at school IES Francisco Salzillo. Well, it started later than it had been planned because of an unpleasant accident… Grzegorz was robbed at the bar where we had stopped to eat breakfast before leaving Murcia for school. He had left his backpack with some electrical stuff on the table and when ordering coffee a young man grabbed it and ran away. People at the bar reacted very helpfully. They called the guardia civil who came in 5 minutes. Maciek’s brilliant Spanish was priceless. It helped Grzegorz to pass smoothly through the bureaucracy at the Police station. Fortunately, the most important things like phone, money or ID Grzegorz kept in his pocket.

After a long wait at the Police station we finally got to school in Alcantarilla. We were greeted by Mercedes and Imma, Spanish teachers. In the teacher’s room we met Maria Jose, an English teacher with whom we talked about the Spanish education system. After primary school students attend 4 compulsory classes in secondary school and then can continue their education in 2 classes of bachillerato. And after a short introduction we were invited to participate in a meeting about project based learning. Miguel, maths teacher, presented us with a philosophy of conducting projects at their school.

The second part of this day we spent strolling through beautiful, historical Murcia.

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