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Kahoot passed perfectly, Wednesday, June 7th

As every day we came by bus from Murcia. According to the schedule prepared by Victoria we started our job shadowing at 9.30. In Spain lessons take 50 minutes. Today we started with English with our mentor Victoria. Yes! Finally we met Victoria, who was away assisting during exams at the university. Victoria was our Good Ghost while planning our travel helping us to prepare everything in the most convenient way. 

The male part of our group attended language lesson with Imma.

IES Francisco Salzillo is a digital and bilingual school. During English lesson we could observe how the students and teacher used iPad accompanied by handbooks. The teacher uses platform Blink and chooses the exercises. On the iPad’s screen can observe what students are doing and if necessary can block them. 

Then we had a chance to take part in a literature lesson. Imma proposed the students to prepare a drama. Isn’t it easier to navigate through Shakespeare’s drama Romeo and Juliet in groups by dressing up as the play’s characters and acting out the roles?

During the break in the canteen while enjoying zumo de naranja, tostada con tomate y café sólo Priscilla explained to us that in Spain teachers have to pass the exam consisting of 70 questions checking the knowledge and methods of teaching. 

Then Maciek, Mirka and I participated in language class with Belen. Students presented us with the education methods. Then we played Kahoot answering questions asked in Spanish about the presentation. We passed it perfectly! We were good students. At the same time Grzegorz took part in geography and history lessons.


Luego, Alfonso nos mostró el huerto donde los niños de un aula abierta, junto con su profesor, cultivan plantas: tomate, lechuga, brócoli, despues colectan y venden. Por el dinero compran alimentos a su frigorífico común. Preparan tostadas con tomate por almuerzo. 

We said goodbye to Alfonso and with tomatoes in hands joined the last lesson – history. Luisa prepared the structure of the lesson about the fall of Western Roman Empire on the critical thinking routine “veo, pienso, me pregunto”.


Our mentor Victoria took us to the Bar El Togo for dinner to taste murcian specialties.

It was a good rainy day!

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